!FreedomRules! | Janique
April 27, 2019

I created !FreedomRules! as a log of all the habits I’ve created and the success I’ve made overcoming anxiety, fear and stress. 

As a performer anxiety literally made me choke. I lacked confidence because I was always second guessing my abilities. At first I thought it was just the performing but I realised I was also fearful of interacting with people. I wanted to make friends but was convinced I could not keep them because something would go wrong. My reasoning would always fall to the negative side. My health suffered, my sleep suffered, my relationships suffered …. everything suffered. I was losing myself. I was going crazy over-analysing and worrying about life and my future. My family, friends, colleagues, even my bosses, would tell me I overthink or worry too much. I was not even aware I was doing it, but I thought that if everyone I come across sensed that I’m a worrier then I must really be giving off that impression. 

I could not ignore it.

I decided to take a step back and observe my behaviour and thought patterns objectively.

I realised I had been conditioned to live by fear and this was a habit I needed to break. So, I took myself on a journey of self discovery, made new habits and hobbies, like waking up early in the morning to get more out of my day, eating healthier as a Vegan, working on my fitness, expressing my creativity by writing, practicing a new instrument, trying new activities, reading more books. Most importantly I practiced happiness and calm. 

When fear or panic flared up, I’d follow my three !FreedomRules! to calm down:

  • Identify – What is this emotion I’m feeling? : Fear
  • Ask Why – What’s the reason behind this fear? Can I Solve it?
  • Let it Fly – I am the boss of my emotions. I hire and I fire. This pain isn’t working for me so, bring in the happy and let the fear go.

I literally thought myself into a good mood! Creating these habits of thought and behaviour helped me both directly and indirectly to take charge of my life. My confidence has grown ,my relationships are healthier, I’m creating songs and stories people enjoy, and I’m in love with the shape my body is in! I’m living more in the present and taking steps to ensure a bright future. I’d like to say I’m a brand new person who is fear-free and conquering the world, but I’m on my way, taking it step by step, daily.

But I won’t give it all away now, join me on my !FreedomRules! journey today! Where I, Janique, will share with you all the !FreedomRules! I follow in my lifestyle, keeping my mind right and my body tight (training and vegan nutrition lol), beauty, adventures, music, performance and more!

Old habits die hard but !FreedomRules! keep you living easy…